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You can email any news tips, press releases, stories and corrections to us…

Guest Posting

I am in the Bitcoin industry since its beginning so I have plenty of experience in Bitcoin Mining, Services of all kind, Exchanges and everything else. If you want that I write something on your website email me:


Get Reviewed !

If you want, that I write a post about you, your Service, Platform or Website and post it on, send some information to my email:

Information like:

  • What is your Service all about?Service Review (4)
  • What are the future plan?
  • Since when you are online?
  • What are the Advantages of your Service?
  • Why the peoples should use your Service and not a different one?
  • Do you have some Bonus or Paid features?
  • Etc. you can write whatever you want


If you have a startup you want to be reviewed and to be visible to public, the following information would be good to include:

  • What capital backing do you have? Otherwise, how are you funded?Service Review (1)
  • What is your Service all about?
  • What unique angle and potential does your startup bring to the cryptocurrency ecosystem?
  • What are the future plans?

Its all FREE 🙂

Then I will review it, put some other information into it and post it (Just make a good readable article). Of course, I will send you a preview before i post it.

Our visitors have then an option to put rating and comment on your service so you will get your strategical feedback.

Once I got it completed i will send you Logo and you put it on your site anywhere you want. Or you can redirect your “About us” or “More info” to your article here 🙂

“If you want to be the best, you need to be seen”  

   Cryptbond Admin


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