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Badbitcoin Review – All Bitcoin Scam sites on one place

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On 29/06/2015
Last modified:01/07/2015

Summary: – The true Bitcoin defender

We asked the Badbitcoin admin on many questions about his great website. Let’s take a look!

Badbitcoin whatWhat is Badbitcoin all about? is about helping to raise awareness to new Bitcoin users, of the traps and scams that litter this young industry. We all look forward to the day when this project is no longer needed.”

Since when is Badbitcoin online?

Founded and online since Feb 2014. Thanks to us you don’t have to swim deeply into some forums to find a definitive answer to whether a site is a scam, phishing or fake site. If it’s in our badlist – we’ve done all the spadework and can give you a certain warning to avoid these crooks. The forums are very unfriendly places, and can be very daunting for the less technically minded.”

How often do you update Badbitcoin? Are the information fresh ?

“People can check our site regularly, we update the content as we get it – 24/7. We’ll help you stay one step ahead of the scammers.”

Are you Free of Charge? Do you have any paid content?Badbitcoin free service

“We don’t charge for any of our services, and will check any site on your behalf – all free of charge. There are also links to safe sites, wallets and exchanges, and some paying faucets to get you started.”

What is your vision and why are you doing this?

“The Badbitcoin team is made up of volunteers who share the vision of Bitcoin, and the positive changes it can bring to our societies, and we intend to make it an unfriendly place for thieves and scam artists. Over 750 sites listed – all bad, and all stealing a lot less thanks to the effort of our investigations.”

Thank you Badbitcoin for keeping us all updated and for keeping a little secure zone where we can always find out what is a scam site and what site is trustworthy. Good luck and keep doing the good work!


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