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Bitcoin Minecraft – Earn Bitcoins while playing Minecraft

bitcoin minecraft
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On 28/06/2015
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Bitcoin based Economy in Minecraft

Friendly server PlayMC is launching Bitcoin-based Economy in their Minecraft world. All players can earn Bitcoins for playing and fighting, and withdraw them to their wallets!

PlayMC is using Bits. 1 Bit is equal to 100 satoshi and can be earned in game mods or just by simple fighting. Players can spend their Bits on items, goods, classes and other additional content. PlayMC says that provides “safe gaming environment for kids to enjoy and have the opportunity to earn their own money”.

bitcoin minecraft

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a cube video game of all time. Minecraft has sold over 60 million copies. It allows players to create their own world in 3D block graphic, just like Lego.

Players can play alone or connect to multiplayer servers just like PlayMC. Then, they can play and fight with thousands of players all over the world.

Players can also add mods to the game, and make it more fun by bringing more items, creatures and actually change the whole objective of the game, which in basic is Gather resources –> Build tools –> Fight with enemies.

Everything in the game is based on blocks. Players can destroy them, move them or craft them. Player then can build with these block everything what he imagine. It is an open, never ending world that is procedurally generated so it never ends and never will be the same.

bitcoin minecraftBitcoin Economy in Minecraft

Bitcoin Economy in PlayMC is based on Mods that brings Mini-games to the normal world, where players cooperate or fight against each other. Every game has different objectives and different ways to earn Bits.

As PlayMC says:

“For example in our game type ‘ArcherGames’ players fight each other in a last man standing game mode. Each player is rewarded a small amount of Bits for killing other players and if they come in first, second or third they are rewarded with a larger amount of Bits.”

Players can also win Bits by winning tournaments, power-ups or by non game actions like – reporting bugs, blog post writing and acting as server staff.

Of course, players that want to change their Bits to fiat currency need some exchange. Coinbase is the for these peoples as their have great support.

If you like Minecraft and you wanna make some Bitcoins, join their server and play 🙂

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