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BTCJam – Advantages and Disadvantages


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On 04/06/2015
Last modified:23/06/2015


BTCJam - Advantages and Disadvantages.

BTCJam personal experiences

As I already write in some articles, BTCJam is an bitcoin investment platform that allows you to invest your bitcoin to any project or to create a bitcoin loan request. Today I would like to talk about my personal experience, because I am on this platform for a half year and I already see some advantages and disadvantages.


1 So, the first we are going to talk about advantages of BTCJam. The biggest advantage that I see is a big verification process. Nothing and I really mean nothing can help you so much as their verifications, References, Personal opinions, Comments of other peoples that can’t be blocked so you always see every opinion on the individual person from many eyes. Then you can invest to his project.

2 – Other big advantage is, that minimum deposit on BTCJam is just 0,0001 satoshi, and with that money you can already invest on your own and try it.

3 – Also, you can sell “notes”, loan that the owner didn’t paid on time so somebody lost his money. He wants his money back so he is offering to sell the loan investment to you. But, if the person that didn’t paid on time came back in a month and want to pay the money to maintain his good reputation the interest are sky high, for example, 500% of the past investment. So, if you bought an investment of 0,01 BTC now you will get 0,05 and that’s amazing!


1 – Some things that are not so good but are OK. The Payment calendar is really badly done. I can’t see what is already paid, with what interest etc. I can see who didn’t paid , but that’s all. I don’t know when I will get my money back, they say, you will get for example 0,005, but when? why? what?

2 – Also the referral program isn’t perfect. You can’t contact them and you don’t see from where they came from.



1 – So, the biggest disadvantage of BTCJam is his interest rate option. Its catastrophe! I can’t option my interest rate, like for example on Bitlendingclub. If you set up your project, it calculates the interest rate depending on the time you set up. So, then happen that all the peoples set up their project for 365 days, Great!?

2 – Also, one of the disadvantage is bad design, layout and descriptions.

At all, these advantages are much more better than disadvantages. BTCJam is a great platform and is still doing better and better!


BTCJam - Advantages and Disadvantages.
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