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On 21/05/2015
Last modified:17/06/2015

Summary: - Hosting for bitcoins. Quick overview of new hosting that can be paid with bitcoins.

Cinfu – Hosting that can be paid with Bitcoins

Cinfu hosting is specialized on shared hosting services. This company has a base i Germany and their services are ideal solution for sites with increasing views and visitors. They offer the services like Virtual Private Server or Reseller Hosting for the pages with big for bitcoins

Also offer Direct Admin shared hosting plan and Control Panel shared hosting plan. Both are exactly for the needs of clients, with the option of price discussion and calendar – Payments monthly, yearly etc.

Together with shared hosting, they are offering dedicated server, SSL certificates and reseller private hosting. On their official sites is a detailed plan, which helps you to get vision about many types of services, which you get together with your own plan.

Other advantages of this hosting for bitcoins

Cinfu is keeping his reputation high by providing excelent hosting for his clients. His admins are well knowed by helping you, getting your sites operational in hours.

For us, the bitcoin fans, can’t be better news that Cinfu could be payed by Bitcons, of course as by many other payment systems and by me its the best hosting for bitcoins on the internet right now.


  • DirectAdmin Control Panel

  • Multidomain Hosting

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

from $0.66 /month

from 0.0029 BTC/month


  • Full root access

  • Linux OS

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

from $4.26 /month

from 0.0188 BTC/month


  • Powerful Servers with Intel CPU

  • Fully customizable

  • KVM over IP

from $69.10 /month

from 0.3050 BTC/month - Hosting for bitcoins. Quick overview of new hosting that can be paid with bitcoins.
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