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GameCredits – “Brave New Coin, Brand New Vision”

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On 03/08/2015
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What is GameCredits?


“The rapid expansion of Bitcoin has provided a vast Market full of untapped potential. With a Market Cap of over $3.5 Billion USD, Bitcoin has paved the way for an explosive evolution of innovative technologies.”

GameCredits’ primary initiative consists of developing a Currency-Driven Gaming Platform, focused on providing an elegant, and at the same time secure and robust system that can replace existing in-game purchasing options and mechanics.

Future implementations shall allow for secure currency transactions, in-game betting, and the placing of wagers on 3 layers of the gaming interface: Active Players, Supporters, and Spectators.

GameCredits has the means to introduce Currency-Driven Gaming Platforms to the Gaming Industry, ensuring the successful launch into this boundless Emerging Market.

GamerCredits (1)

GameCredits Team

  • Victor Alejandro “Medic
  • Silvio Guček
  • Nebojsa Maksimovic
  • Alex Shavers
  • J. Kevin “Biomech” Putzier
  • Michel Daggelinckx “ecucoin”

How did you come up with the idea?

GamerCredits (2)Back in time when Nebojsa and Alex were first introduced to GMC, they had been working on another major crypto project. At that time, GMC, (former GamersCoin) was pretty much abandoned by it’s original developers. On the other hand there was a gaping hole on gaming monetization field, and they immediately spotted the opportunity. Gaming needed crypto badly.

“So we immediately stepped into action: gathered a team of trustworthy, talented, and dedicated people, improved the code and started bringing the idea to life.”

“The rest is history in the making.”

What is GameCredits mission?

keep-calm-and-conquer-the-world-20To conquer the world. One game at a time. And then the next world.

“More seriously, we wish to make a solution for in-game monetization that is of benefit to both the players and developers, and with a little luck, a lot of promotion and effort, to break out as a mainstream currency.”

What issues is GameCredits trying to solve?

“Several issues are at stake when you are trying to bring crypto and consumer worlds together. First and foremost we have security in mind. Placing mechanisms in place to counteract any and all potential attacks is among our highest priorities.

Also, when dealing with end consumers, we have to address user interaction and its friendliness.”

Who is GameCredits’s potential client?

Any game that uses an internal “token” or “money” system is potentially a client for GameCredits.

GameCredits PlayersWho is the target user for GameCredits?

“Our major target market are gamers that are already accustomed to spending real money for in-game goods. With major features being implemented such as GameCredits sharing among supported gaming titles, we believe the gamers will realise these benefits, and flock to engage in all the goodies that will have to offer.

Rather than dealing with clumsy, limiting and restrictive in-game payment system, Gamers will have utmost flexibility and will be able to focus on what really matter “Gaming”!”

“Also, game developers that are keen to remunerate their game and embrace the new, fast growing fair monetization system with simple to use yet effective mechanics.”

Bit of technology of GameCredits?

GameCredits is derived from Bitcoin technology, with a few notable improvements. Block difficulty is retargeted every block, and block times are 90 seconds, which makes transactions process much more quickly while still being cryptographically impractical to counterfeit.

GamerCredits APIDo you have any API ?

“There is an API, a Multi-User Wallet Authentication System, a Web Wallet for secure storage and of course games.”

What games are you going to release?

The first game is a multiplayer racing game called Turbocharged, this one is not far from release. Exact date is not known at this time, but it will be very soon and it will play on all major platforms. After that there are two more in active development, a fighting game called Ring 13: The Curse of Nakamoto, and a universe spanning Space Opera called EON.

Are there any demos out there that can be played yet?

“Our gaming titles will be free to play so no demos will be necessary.”

GamerCredits (4)How do you monetize the service? With a GameCreditsToken?

“The exact model is under development right now, and we are not yet prepared to take it public. Coins will be purchased via our launcher app, and when used in-game, will go to the game’s developer for exchange against the price they were purchased for. Potentially, as the token becomes widespread, it could become quite valuable.

Of course, developers could also try their luck on open exchanges. While the above is somewhat vague, we do have a solid plan for this. We’re just polishing the details and putting everything in place. How many in-game tokens are represented by a single GameCredit unit is at the discretion of the game developer, and may even be variable based on game or market conditions. Our suggestion is 1:1 as a base point, but this may not be appropriate to all use cases.”

Is there going to be a crowdsale?

No, this coin has not been pre-mined

How is GameCredits going to benefit users? How are they able to earn coins?

GamerCredits (5)“The benefits are that the coin will be useable across multiple platforms as well as being able to trade it for real world goods. They may purchase coins in multiple ways, the main one being our Launcher. It is a Scrypt coin, and is mineable. It may be possible to earn coins via game mechanics in some instances, depending on the game and developer.”

Is there a set amount of GameCredits to ever exist?

There will be a total of 84 million. Just like any sort of money, they simply change hands. If you spend GMC in game, it goes to purchase the item upgraded, which becomes yours. The GMC then belong to the seller. If you take your GMC out of the game and use them in some other manner, they circulate as normal.

GamerCredits PlatformsHow easy will be the Integration with other Platforms?

“This is one of those aspects of GameCredits that we are most proud of. Communication with the GMC launcher will be seamless and easily achievable.”

“Very low technical expertise will be required and there are no restrictions on the technology and/or game engines being used in the development process. Our systems will be fully compatible with all major platforms & operating systems.”

GamerCredits (1)How will you drive GameCredits to Gaming Industry?

“Aggressively! First off, our gaming developer has three games in development right now, one of which is very close to launch, that will illustrate  the whole world how the system works.”

“We are also attempting to contact and partner with a great many gaming studios, and our staff will always be ready and eager to assist both users and game developers who wish to step up to GameCredits.

Some last Words?

“We seek to be the Tip of The Spear, leading in innovation & development, for large scale in-game currency transactions beyond crypto.”

“Our drive to produce tangible results leads us to focus our efforts on vast scale adoption through addictive game play, frictionless in-game transactions, and ease of use.”

Some Trailers of Games that are in Preparation:

Ring 13: Curse of Nakamoto


EON: The Omega Event

And from me: I just wish GameCredits Good Luck and many Players, because:




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