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How to dont give up Advises of AC / DC


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On 12/12/2014
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How to dont give up Advises of AC / DC. Great advices right from the AC / DC music group !!

How to dont give up Advises of AC / DC

AC / DC has played more than 40 years. Now the market gets their new album “Rock or Bust,” but the group is facing probably the biggest challenge in its history. Guitarist Angus Young, who is 59 years old, believes in the new album. His image schoolboy became the mascot of the group and one of the most famous symbols of rock worldwide. His group went through a difficult period in 1980, when singer Bon Scott died. Now, facing with the loss of two musicians

The first is longtime drummer Phil Rudd. He was arrested last month in New Zealand and is charged with death threats from possession of marijuana and methamphetamine. The second blow was the loss of founding member Malcolm Young. Who in his 61 years have dementia and special institute in Australia is taking care of him. His rhythm guitar was counterbalance to his younger brother, he was also a major driving force in the series of composing songs. Problems began to suffer six years ago, but still have a year and a half playing on tour. The last album was already recorded without him, replacing him with nephew Stevie Young.

Many aging rock groups are trying to change their sound, but AC / DC is firmly holds its hoof. Not always fared well in her eighties has released several albums of dubious quality, but their hits among the best rock songs of all time. Has sold tens of millions of copies of the album “Back In Black”.

How to dont give up Advises of AC / DC

Previous album “Black Ice” in 2008 was second-highest selling album in the world and the accompanying tour grossed $ 227 million in sales. Until 2012, the group was not yet on iTunes. Young says that they hesitated to change its strategy, which is still held at the time of the songs recorded on tape. Their hesitation, they apparently paid off financially because “people still buy physical product.” “You have to give the correct value of what you’re doing,” says Young, whose group is still holding out of Spotify.

Bassist Cliff Williams is towards new technologies also restrained: “What does it actually change? We go on set and we’re doing what we do and we hope that people will like it. “And to the current problems their drummer adds:” They have to solve their problems and we need to move forward again. ”

AC / DC ever reaping criticism for a new sound, but no one has blamed the group that would play at something it is not. They never, for example, comes with a slow song and Young says that “slow things are just juicy”. In the studio was badly missing Malcolm, even though Stevie has a similar style of play. Malcom was disciplined because he had a sense for detail.

Angus, for example, remembers that he has ever played with tuning a guitar sound so much that his brother had finally had to help get out of it. He adds: “The greatest tragedy of our beginning was the death of Bon Scott. It was Mal, who told me that the best therapy is to continue to write songs. Without that, we were lost. I think that rock is about this. It helps us keep it and don’t give it up. “

How to dont give up Advises of AC / DC. Great advices right from the AC / DC music group !!

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