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How to invest on Bitlending great guide

how to invest on bitlending

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On 13/05/2015
Last modified:17/06/2015


Great guide/tutorial about how to invest on Bitlending. review of the platform and its features.

Bitlending club

Bitlending club How to invest on Bitlending

In the last articles we were talking about BTCJam, internet service that is providing loans in bitcoin and invest bussiness loans. Today i would like to talk about how to invest on bitlending. Bilending is another great service providing the same, but by me, in better and user more friendly form.

Bitlending club is a page on which you can borrow or invest into micro-loans, and you can greatly expand your investment portfolio. Every investor has a different model how he divide his investments, if he invest into short or long term investments, into one or more projects.

From the investors vision are on Bitlending better interests, bigger variability, more detailed profile of borrower, but still not so much clients.

How to invest on Bitlending

From the borrower vision, Bitlending offer easier getting of a loan, because the interests are created by borrower, and depends on investor if he accept them or not. So both of them can decide.

If you want to make profit on Bitlending like investor, you have to divide your investments into many projects, recommended is 100, offer good interest to the borrower, so he can accept it and pay (Smaller interest, bigger chance he gets his money back).

If we invest we carefully choose borrower, we choose those who have good and payable interests, important is whats theirs investment goal, rating and history. We have to think and analyze everything with caution. It takes more time but it worths it. By this type of investments we can get up to 50% of profit. On BTJam we can sell the peoples that are not paying, Bitlending doesn’t offer something like this but he compensate it by bigger interest rate.

And don’t forget, good investor grows only if he reinvest his profit. Good luck !

Great guide/tutorial about how to invest on Bitlending. review of the platform and its features.

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