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On 19/07/2015
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Play Online games and win Bitcoins!

UPDATE: Rewards are increased to 1000 Satoshi per kill in Counter-Strike: GO. Connect your Steam account and win a lot of Bitcoins.

I just played for an hour and won 0,0022 BTC :). Good luck!

Screenshot from servers that are ready to give you big rewards (All of them are FREE PROMO):


Do you ever dreamed of playing your favorite online game and between the matches you just check your balance and you see you have won free money?

Leet.ggYour dreams have just come true

leetWhat is Leet ? For what we get free Bitcoin ?

“Leet is a skill-based eSports platform where gamers can compete against each other in their favorite video games for Bitcoin. The Leet platform provides an unique way for gamers to play against each other for money.”

Since when is Leet online?

“We have had League of Legends live since September 2014 and CS:GO since April 2015.”

What games can I play ? 😀

“Right now you have an option to play League of Legends, Counter-Strike: GO, Minecraft and Connect 4 for Bitcoin.”

leetCan I play without having a single Bitcoin penny?

“Players can signup and play without having any bitcoin by joining our promo servers and matches. Promo server has balance from each player get free Bitcoins for completing quest like killing other players or surviving as long as posible.”

How can I send Bitcoins from my wallet to my profile?

“Just go to profile page (Click on the logo of Leet), and click on the “Deposit” button. You will receive your bitcoins instantly.”

leetWhat can I do with Bitcoin that I won?

“You can Withdraw them to your XAPO account instantly or, you can play on paid servers and win much more!”

How can I connect to the game, so I can receive Bitcoins?

“Follow the steps here: Guide and choose the game you want to connect.”

Leet chatCan I communicate with other players right away?

“Sure, just go to Leet forum or to Leet live chat on the main page.”

Are there any other companies doing this kind of Service?

“Currently, no other companies are doing what we are focused on in the PC eSports space.”

I want to bring my friend, do I get some reward? 🙂

“Players can refer other players to receive a bonus, or play on our promo servers and win with no deposit.”

What are the future plans?

“We plan on supporting more games in the future. Also we are going to support more cryptocurrencies for deposits and also for withdraws!”

So How can we start !?

“Signup at!”

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