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Multibit Developer – Talking about the future of

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On 01/07/2015
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Exclusive Interview with the Multibit Developer Gary Rowe

We interviewed the Multibit Classic, now Multibit HD, Developer Gary Rowe about the future of

Multibit - bitcoin wallet

What is Multibit?

“Read about Multibit here, also with Gary Rowe’s comment.” – MultiBit is based in the UK.

Since when is online?

“MultiBit has been in the Bitcoin space since 2011 and the development team has been responsible for both MultiBit Classic and its successor MultiBit HD. Both are extremely popular wallets used the world over.”

What is going to happen with Multibit Classic?Multibit - old, new

“MultiBit Classic is now in maintenance mode so will only be updated to ensure security fixes and compatibility with modern operating systems. There is an easy upgrade path from Classic to HD which has been documented on the website.”

“MultiBit HD has been in continuous development since September 2013, but was only released to the general public in June 2015. This is an indication of the level of complexity that goes into a successful mainstream Bitcoin wallet. It is not a trivial endeavour.”

Do you have any Paid Service inside the new Multibit HD?

“One of the key goals of MultiBit HD was to integrate hardware wallet support to ensure that private keys could be kept in secure hardware rather than on an internet connected device. At present we only support the TREZOR hardware wallet and if you have over 500 USD worth of Bitcoin we would strongly recommend that you purchase one (use promo code: to get a $20 discount).”

What about the Security?

Multibit security

“By using the hierarchical deterministic (HD) method of generating Bitcoin private keys we can reduce the users backup requirements down to a simple set of 12, 18 or 24 wallet words. These should be written down and stored securely in a fire safe or similar.”

“In the event of a serious problem (such as having your laptop stolen) then the wallet words can be used to restore the private keys and allow the associated bitcoins to be transferred to a fresh wallet with different wallet words.”

Is it easy to use?

Multibit - easy man easy“We have designed MultiBit HD to be easy to use so that anyone, anywhere can make use of the Bitcoin network. After the initial anonymous download, there is no further requirement for the server since we use the Bitcoin network directly to send transactions – therefore no downtime.”

“That said, we intend to keep developing and improving MultiBit HD for as long as we are able to. It is our way of contributing to the phenomenon that is Bitcoin. You can follow our progress on GitHub.”

Can i use my Multibit Classic key to transfer my wallet to new Multibit HD?

“Regarding the import of private keys the upgrade article explains why we discourage movement of keys.”

Is Cryptbond Admin already using new Multibit HD?



Multibit is one of my most favorite OFFLINE wallets. Nice clean design and great support. Doing great job in updating with new features and keeping the Multibit fresh and secure. Good luck, and keep the good work!

Multibit good luck

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