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PaymentBar – Start accepting Cryptocurrency on your Website

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On 26/06/2015
Last modified:01/07/2015


PaymentBar – Review

PaymentBar allows you to start accepting cryptocurrency on your website.

“We asked the admin of PaymentBar on many questions about his great platform. We thanks the admin for answering our questions and we are glad, that this good platform has a great owner!”


What is PaymentBar ?

PaymentBar is a CryptoCoin Processor that allows you to accept payments, for your products or services, on your websites in Bitcoins, Litecoins and other Cryptocurrencies. Why you should accept cryptocurrency?

“Accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Dash, receive payment in the preferable currency including electronic money.”

PaymentBar - What makes you uniqueHow is your Service different from the similar ones?

“We don’t need any documents and you don’t have to go through a long process of verification. With our help one is able to start accepting cryptocurrency within a few minutes even without being registered. All you need is payment button which is generated easily.”

Who can use your Service? Is there any fee?

PaymentBar - quick start feature

Our service perfectly suits to online shops, crowdfunding sites, services that provide clients with reverse payments (escrow, traders, MMORPG, etc.). All that we take is only 1% fee of the whole cost.”

What is Quick Start feature?

“The so-called “quick start” doesn’t require registration – you just generate the code of payment button and add it to your site. If you want to see the payment history, balance and save your payment buttons, you need an access to the admin panel which is given after registration.”

How can I withdraw my funds?

“Withdrawing of funds is available in dollars via PayPal and WebMoney. Bitcoin withdrawing option is on it’s way and will be added soon.”

When the buyer click on the payment button what will happened?

“After buyer clicked “buy now”, he is being redirected to the payment page, for example:


“There are options of making payments via wallet (QR code, crypto wallet button) with invoice details.

How do you verify if the seller send the product, after the buyer send the payment?

“Concerning the control of the item that had been sent. At the moment PaymentBar is only a payment tool and not a marketplace. That is why buyer-seller relations are regulated by themselves. We only try to ease and speed up the payment methods.”PaymentBar

Can i have 2 buttons for the same product?

“Button is only a “template” that allows to specify button_id instead of 10-30 params.

“Seller is able to make any amount of payment links, even for each item separately.

“However, it is more convenient to generate button templates (for example, for different sites) while items’ names, saller’s invoice number and total amount will be specified for each of them depending on particular purchase.”

For example:
Button 1 – “toys shop” for all items from online toy shop, with pre-filled texts about shop, links to this shop, wallet.

Also different price, item’s name and many other features can be added to the button:

Button 2 – “flowers” for another online shop:

PaymentBar - Future plansWhat are your plans for the future?

  • “Well, we support 4 Cryptocurrencies at the moment (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and DASH). We are going to expand this list.”
  • “We are going to add much more payment methods for withdrawal.”
  • “Plus “who’s gonna pay fee” feature will be added. Using this feature, user can assign the fee to seller or buyer, or split the fee between both of them.”

“PaymentBar is a great platform and I wish good luck to it’s admin and many success!


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