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Review of new extreme Smartphone – X-Tel 9500


Review of new extreme Smartphone

Review of new extreme Smartphone – X-Tel 9500 from X-Systems. The question is, is it really as good as being told. The X-Tel 9500 is known for being specially designed to be tougher and more powerful yet still be 14 mm thin. So it’s still comfortable for use.

With the durable and robust design from the extreme X-Tel 9500 a drop from a height of 1 meter doesn’t cause a problem. But of course dropping it from much higher will not do the phone good.

Because of the fact phones are such a dominant thing in peoples life. The fact that this phone is water proof comes in really handy sometimes. The X-Tel 9500 is water proof up to a depth of 2 meter. For half an hour.

So no more water damage, as long as no stupid things are done. -20up to 80 °C are the circumstances this phone could be used in. The newest and most technical specifications are implemented into this phone. For your ultimate extreme experiences!

Review of new extreme Smartphone - X-Tel 9500 3Camera

A important feature now a days on a phone is the camera. So the 13 Mega Pixel rear and 5 Mega Pixel front cameras are a big positive to capture your best moments. It also is completely submersible up to two meter. Making it perfect for all outdoor activities and moments.

A dream coming true using this phone for motor riders, extreme sport fanatics, marine admirers and outdoor practitioners. Specially built to withstand the toughest weather circumstances, strongest environmental conditions. With the reaction as fast as lightning. A positive is the fact the screen works even while wearing gloves as well as wet hands, plus the screen is multi-touch capacitive.

Review of new extreme Smartphone - X-Tel 9500 2Large battery in rugged Smartphone

I’m not done yet; the battery is one of the biggest positives as well. The battery is one of a kind, a 3800 mAh battery. Specially designed to be immune to vibrations and able to absorb shocks better.

But nothing is perfect, right. So is this phone. A minor on the phone is the fact that the battery can’t be removed from the phone. This could come in unhandy at some point. But the battery is for sure a high quality product; it is powerful enough to take with you on a short travel or a weekend trip. Afterwards you can recharge it. No more recharging every night.

Built-in buttons

Now it’s time to for me maybe the biggest positive; the fact the waterproof ‘’Extreme Smartphone’’ comes with an Answer call- + End call + SOS panic- Buttons.

Wearing gloves will be a must during the upcoming winter and spring. So picking up or ending a call could be a real headache. This no longer is the case with the glove friendly X-Tel 9500.

One last other minor issue, the SOS Panic button only works while the smartphone is unlocked. But on the other hand this will mean you won’t send messages to the receiver trying to take your phone out your pocket for example. So those even each other out.

Dual-Sim Rugged Smartphone

It’s time to wrap up this review with a very clever and handy final feature on the phone. This is the Dual Sim possibility the phone has. People, for instance me sometimes have trouble keeping personal and business separate. This no longer is a problem having 2 different sim cards. You can have 2 of the same or choose to have 2 different providers. Even from foreign countries. This keeps your personal and business automatically separated.

For sure I think the X-Tel is one of the best rugged Smartphone. I think I’m not the only 1.

All the details on the phone, could be found on their official website.

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