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Singapore: The business hub of the future


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On 28/10/2014
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Singapore: The business hub of the future.

Singapore: The business hub of the future

The small island state with a globalized population is primed for success known from the US Silicon Valley. Can you imagine traveling to Singapore instead of the American dream.

After centuries uninhabited archipelago in Southeast Asia, which waged many wars and battles, now rapidly growing multicultural city-state of five million people and the economic hub of the region. Basics of Singapore perhaps a little surprisingly laid British statesman Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, in the 19th century agreed on their rent, a few years later, then from empty islands became the seat of the British colony with a thousand inhabitants.

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Now Singapore is among the world’s major destinations of successful entrepreneurs and investors, on a recent ranking of cities of the future is placed second, but for ambitious archipelago‘s its not enough, and aspires to the status of Asian Silicon Valley. Last year, the government, together with entrepreneurs and investors wrote key points for business promotion, since January of this year is already implementing. The aim is to create a nation of innovators and entrepreneurs, attention naturally goes mainly to technology.

Singapur2Singapore economy already drives 40,000 technology startups with 300 thousand of employees, and these numbers should only grow. The program is to support the cooperation of corporations and young companies such as sharing or knowledge workers, establishment of new acceleration program, approval and simplification of Crowdfunding and incentives for higher availability of venture capital, even government institutions receive recommendations to quickly adopt new technologies.

Special attention goes to the education and development of future talent, except compulsory education programming in schools and laboratories will be added electronics and 3D printers. Children and quickly master the basic skills, which then pays off in one of the accelerators. Availability of basic facilities, mentoring and office space is no less crucial, rental prices cause dizziness to the new entrepreneurs and unlike Silicon Valley in Singapore its hard to find a free garage.

Talented and able locals and international experts, the support of mentors, accelerator programs and provision of offices along with financing options is not all. Singapore is due to its great position providing easy access to most of the Asian continent, ideal base for startups with global ambitions. And honestly, who would not want to live and do business directly from the beach? Let us know when you have booked on a single ticket!

Singapore: The business hub of the future.

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