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ToshiDesk Social Trading Network – Information, Advice, Profit

ToshiDesk - Bitcoin Trading
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On 01/07/2015
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ToshiDesk – Ask the MasterTraders and Profit

The whole story of the starting star in the Bitcoin industry, ToshiDesk. From their beginnings up to their plans for the future. Let’s look at it with us.

The Beginning:

ToshiDesk - Coffee at starbucksAn afternoon at Starbucks conversing about the future of Bitcoin led into a debate over creating a platform for the community. I’ve always felt a void within the crypto community. We’ve spent hours in chat rooms, discussing trade strategy, FUD, and coin development.”
“However, a centralized hub for content creation to express a users ideas, and perspective  was greatly needed. A close friend, sat back took a sip of his cappuccino and asked “Why can’t you get paid for information, like tips?”. Instantly we arrived at the conclusion of monetizing insight.”
“MasterTraders (Authors) provide analysis, expertise, and credibility to traders (Subscribers) who in return compensate valuable content. A simplistic approach to rewarding thought! Most importantly, is the dynamic historical charting software which is able to immediately obtain newly added digital currencies the second they emerge on reputable exchanges. Finally, traders are able to engage on speculation, monitor a plethora of alt coins, while establishing a solid reputation within the our community.”

ToshiDesk social tradingWhat is ToshiDesk all about?

“ToshiDesk is a user-centered ‘social trading network’ whose private beta was recently released at the end of April, has incorporated its own cryptocurrency as a reward mechanism, placing value on the insights of its users.”
“Rather than relying on prebuilt tools, users can ask successful traders for advice on altcoin trading, these traders then being rewarded if the advice given turns out to be useful. An open dialog platform allows for real-time communication between users, and it is hoped that the volatility of altcoin trading will ultimately become less of an obstacle for the network’s user base.”

ToshiDesk - Ask the MastersWhat is ToshiDesk offering to their users?

“ToshiDesk offers a game changing tool which enables a traders peers and followers to view your entry and exit points within a specific marketplace known as social charting. Most importantly, the level of transparency confirms the validity and credibility of a traders insight, analysis, and perspective on ToshiDesk - we will help you growemergent crypto currencies.”

“Additionally, traders are able to take full advantage of Toshidesk’s interactive trading platform which provides real-time data expanding over 440 digital currenciesToshiDesk goal is to unite bitcoin related companies, traders, and enthusiast targeting a specific audience who wish to create content via comments, tweets, and post on newly released coins, trade strategy and trending events thru-out the crypto community.”

“In addition, traders receive rankings based upon their credible insight and analysis of the crypto marketplace. In return for a traders valued content, followers provide compensation via micropayments in the form of the platforms own digital currency “MTR”, ultimately vitalizing a prosperous community from the ground up while allowing the user to experience the alt coin marketplace from an in-depth advantage point.”

Are you still adding new altcoins, news and new content?

“ToshiDesk will maintain the latest innovative charting software within the FinTech marketplace, remaining current and steadfast on the release of new altcoins, news, and market analysis. Additionally, ToshiDesk has implemented a social dynamic within the crypto community, further enhancing the transparency of trading within a specific currency. Social Charting allows users to view entry (Buy) and exit (Sell) points of a particular currency of your friends, colleagues, and peers in real-time.”

Is ToshiDesk going to be on Mobile Platfroms or like an App?

“ToshiTrader  – our mobile trading terminal (Releasing – August 2015), is a state-of-the-art native iOS/Android application that is a must have for any trader to stay tuned to the market and make instantaneous trading decisions on the go.”

“Traders from all over the world, will be able to utilize numerous charting indicators, and custom tools to acquire an in depth perspective of hundreds of markets on multiple exchanges.”

What Services do you offer?

  • Custom Charts for Every Altcoin Market 
  • Integrated Proof of Stake (POS) Web Wallet service
  • Professional Altcoin Charting Tools 
  • Trader Performance 
  • Ranking Profile 
  • Master Dashboard 
  • Trade Alerts & Notifications 
  • Inbox Messaging 
  • MTR Tipping Wallet 
  • Voting Abilities 
  • Live Social Charting Features 
  • Compare Exchange Markets Feature 
  • Intelligent Market Alerts 
  • 4-Tier Trader Ranking Algorithm 
  • Chart Ranking 
  • Access to MasterTrader University (MTU)
  • Chat Box – Connect with traders globally.

Wow, thats a lot of features! – Are they Free or Do you offer some Premium/Paid Content?

Free-vs-PaidPricing is going to change before the official launch

  • 14 Day Free Trial 
  • *1 Month Membership – $9.99/Month
  • *3 Month Membership – $24.99/Month
  • *6 Month Membership – $ 44.99/Month


Well, ToshiDesk, you are going to bring absolutely new wind of Bitcoin Trading experience and possibilities! Wish you Good luck and many new customers 🙂



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