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What is X-Systems – All-weather Rugged Quality


What is X-Systems?

X-Systems is an company that manufactures and develope rugged wearable and gear mountable Smartphones, tablets and navigation systems located in the Netherlands. Their products are designed for use in activities ranging from professional action sports to enterprises. Their slogan is ‘’For professionals’’. Devices are standard Water, Dust, Vibration and Shock proof and equipped with all necessary specifications, features and applications. 

They are trying to make great innovations, solutions based on people’s true needs and desires. Providing great soft- and hardware tools you need to effectively, practically and comfortably complete people their mobile tasks.X SystemsThe devices are built to be durable and sustainable, as well as have long product lifetime. Their development and research team is always busy with the next generation, the most powerful mechanics and the latest components.X-Systems_waterproof_rugged_outdoor_smart_phone_tablet_navigationX-Systems requires that all of their suppliers and partners conducts their operations and process in social responsible manner of labor Practices, health, safety, values, ethics and environmental impact. 

Their goal is: Always keep on innovating to build user-friendly, durable, strong and practical devices for professional usage and deployment on multi-terrain. They believe all products should be built to work everywhere, under any type of conditions and have a long product lifetime.

X-Systems rugged devices are specially developed for several usage purposes: Industrial, energy sector, governmental, jet-ski & boats, motor & scooter, bicycle & outdoor, emergency services, all terrain vehicle and side by side.

They’re making the best, giving the best and offering it right out of Best, the Netherlands.


• Certified for IP65/IPx5>

5 (Water projected by a nozzle (6.3 mm) against enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects)

• Certified for IP66/IPx6>

6 (Water projected in powerful jets (12.5 mm nozzle) against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects)

• Certified for IP67/IPx7>

7 (Ingress of water in harmful quantity shall not be possible when the enclosure is immersed in water under defined conditions of pressure and time, up to 1 m of submersion)

• Certified for IP68/IPx8>

8 (The equipment is suitable for continuous immersion in water under conditions which shall be specified by the manufacturer. However, -with certain types of equipment-, even if a little bit of water enters it will be only in such a manner that it produces no harmful effects)

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