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What type of Gambler are you ??


What attracts you to a specific game?

Digital currencies are used to fund all sorts of transactions, and one of the most popular of these is gambling. Now that people are using blockchains to hold embedded applications (see Ethereum), gambling applications designed around cryptocurrencies are sure to come. This raises the question: What sort of online gambler are you? After all, you won’t want to spend your hard-mined coins on a game that wasn’t fun, right?

The proprietors of BingoMania have created an infographic talking about the different kinds of people who use their site. Considering BingoMania has been around since 1996, we think they have a pretty good idea about what they see in their customer base. So, do you prefer skill or luck? High stakes or low? Slow games or fast ones? Find out which gambling game suits you best below.


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