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Axie Infinity – Honest Review

Finnally the blockchain-changing game?

UPDATE: We are investigating some inside manipulation with auction prices of Axie Infinity.


What is Axie Infinity? Maybe you’ll find useful my article on the CryptoBots game, because its the same old story. A crypto game where you buy assets..blah..blah..raise them, fight them blah..blah…blah, and of course, buy some gadgets so the devs get even more money from you.

+ Pros of Axie:

Nice designs, new breeding mechanics and new types of crypto-assets (creatures named Axies). The rest is the same as you can find in any other game nowadays, let it be CryptoBots, CryptoKitties EtherBots, CryptoPuppies, among many, many others.

Axie Infinity - Another copy

– Cons of Axie:

When are we seeing something new? The next century you say? Okey…so meanwhile we can go trough all the cons of the copy pastes.

Look a crypto asset that is breedable….completely not CryptoKittties.

Oh and those battles… completely not CryptoBots.

And we can even buy gadgets to get better… completely not Every-Game-Of-21st-Century.

You can breed axies of different types with different attacks and so, that means that some are better than others (be it because of their type or of their generation) and that means the devs would be stupid to don’t overprice them. What this means for us? Filthy little gamers that want to play and earn money? Nope, it’s not the desired game where you will be happy to play, and even gain some money on tournaments and so. Here you will just get your Axie, play for a while, and in the end, you will either end losing your ETH or pay more in the desire of winning battles and getting your money back.

Lil Axie of Axie Infinity
Lil Axie of Axie Infinity, excited when looking forward to drain someone’s money

Final Words:

Let’s say it simply, it’s just another crypto-game copy running on the CryptoKitties hype. Just with different design and some additional features. If you are as bored from these copies as I am, don’t even look at Axie, it may be a one month entertainment, but it’s not anything new.

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