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CryptoBots – CopyBots Review

Cryptobots - Just another shitty Dapp?
Are CryptoBots anoter copy of the overkilled CryptoKitties recipe?

CryptoBots is a quite popular Ethereum game running on blockchain technology with all the pros and cons it brings along.

It consists of a well known concept of getting a crypto-asset, battling with it, upgrading it, and exchanging it for ETH or other crypto-bot. Also, it has nice player base and big transaction activity even at times when the transaction fees climb.

Advantages of CryptoBots:

The gameplay is somewhat entertaining, there are some tournaments for big prizes. The devs are starting new projects, and are running huge Media Campaigns to attract even more players, with nice results. The cryptobots are fun to have and upgrade, with all those exciting stuff you can buy to prepare for the next tournament to survive the first rounds at least.

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Disadvantages of CryptoBots:

The devs may be starting new projects, but not always for their good. Let me put the CryptoBots: Idle as an example, cool idea, seems to have activity even at its start, and big transactions going on. Sounds nice, until you notice that these transactions have all the same behavior and same user with different addresses. So in fact, this project is self-funded to get the necessary attention and attract new users thanks to the FOMO effect. And if we take look at the original game itself. As I said before. It is a well known concept that is getting copied over and over since the times of CryptoKitties.

There are some bots that have huge chances to win every match, but those are from the Generation 0, and you have almost no chance to get one of those. Yes, the gameplay is somewhat entertaining. At first, then it gets repetitive and the only thing you will stay for, are the tournaments. The tournaments on which you need to spend your time and money to even get chance of not getting massacred.

So.. is the CryptoBots game worth it?

Final Words:

Can someone tell me when are we getting past the CryptoKitties hype, and getting some new concepts? That will not only be there to drain our wallets, but also to entertain us for more than the 5 matches and first tournament.

What do you think?

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