Deep Onion – The coin of the future?

Lets see if it is true…

DeepOnion - The coin of future

About Deep Onion:

Deep Onion, the crypto-currency of future…lets see if it is true.

It is a Proof of Stake (PoS) crypto-currency, with focus on improving the fatal flaws of Bitcoin, like the Privacy Issue, lack of anonymity etc..

Deep Onion run on PoS as well as PoW (Proof of Work), so it is an an Hybrid coin, which means it has faster transactions and more ways to get the coin, be it mining or staking. It may look as “Just another coin”, but the Deep Onion gets interesting in the area of Privacy and Anonymity. The coin implemented the TOR protocols to offer complete anonymity and even made other options. Those are for users from countries that has the use of TOR forbidden.

Also, the Deep Onion has a big team of active developers and marketers, that work even when the price is really low. This is something you don’t see every day in the crypto-world.

Advantages of Deep Onion:

Deep Onion launched VoteCentral

The Team is active and contributes with new ideas and features. Also they launched a VoteCentral implementation that allow the users of Deep Onion vote on it’s future development.

Another huge advantage of Deep Onion, is the Deep Vault system. A file notary system that lets you use the blockchain to verify documents using the DeepOnion network and technology.

As I said before, the ONION (Deep Onion currency) is focused on anonymity and decentralization, it uses TOR protocols. Also it partners with decentralized networks and have it’s users decide on the next features. Also it has big community that grew with its frequent airdrops and that see the future of this coin very brightly.

It has Android wallet with the iOS coming soon, different ways of profiting, new features, and a completely new way on assuring your privacy.

Any disadvantages?:

Deep Onion - Deep Vault

Stupid people go mad about it. You can read hand full of posts calling it a Scam just because if you want to participate in the airdrop you need to get some of the coins. Well, it is true that the current holders gain money with this system but….what you thought? You wanted to get a bag full of ONIONs for free? Then the coin will get buried down in the deeps of shitcoins with no value. I personally am not super happy with the airdrop system, but I understand that it helps a lot the coin to progress. And if you already entered into the community, then you have many options on how to profit.

Final Words:

This coin, has future. But is this the actual solution of the Bitcoin problems?

Great technology, big community, and unique features. The only thing that limits it is the overall awareness of the masses of crypto-heads. People need to realize that Bitcoin is no longer anonymous and has too many problems. Deep Coin brings the solution, and is one of the coins that solve the privacy problem and brings something new at the same time.

I don’t know if it is a Scam, but if it is. Then it is the most elaborate scam I ever saw. So tell me, would you believe the haters or go and find the beauties of this new Privacy Coin?

What do you think?

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