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Dope Raider – Being the “Cartel Boss”

When you thought you already saw everything.

Dope Raider Crypto-Game
Dope Raider Crypto-Game

Why it has so fast and smooth transactions?

The game is running on blockchain, or more precisely the POA Network’s sidechain for the Ethereum Chain. The POA Network provides additional processing speed due to its Proof of Authority concept. It uses a currency named POA that can be exchanged for ETH in an instant. Thanks to the fact that Dope Raider runs on the POA sidechain, the transactions are approved in matter of seconds and the game can run smoothly.

About the Dope Raider Dapp:

The game itself consists of getting your character (named ‘Narcos’), which have some predetermined stats like chem mastery, growing knowledge, defense points among others. This stats will affect the gameplay in different manners. For example: if you have high attack stats, you have big chance of being successful when raiding other Narcos for their “illegal substances”. But if you have low defense stats, you are going to get abused by other Narcos stealing your stuff. The chem mastery stat is going to increase your production of “Coke”, and the growing knowledge will increase the amount of “Weed” you are going to grow.

Narcos - A blockchain game with real-world marketplace

You must buy chems and seeds to get your production set up and running. Then, you just have to go through the districts searching for the best offer you can get for your substances. Each of the districts offer something different, for example, only in Baltimore you can get some extra fire-power while in Cartagena you can buy chems for the production.

Advantages of Dope Raider!:

Very nice designs, the character’s looks range from cool and funny to intimidating and scary. I really liked the idea of real-life-like marketplace where the price fluctuates when you buy or sell too much…stuff.

Also, the additional gadgets you can buy to get some extra chances in raids or to increase your production. They are not necessary for you to play, and are not so expensive whatsoever. You just need to spend some time producing and selling for the best price.

Also, the idea of different districts, where at every district the price is different, really pushes you to move out of your hometown. And with the move, there come the risks. If you go into a district full of players, with no respect gained. With low defense and pockets fulfilled with stuff to sell….. Expect to be robbed in ten seconds. Believe me, it happened to me a few times.

Disadvantages of Dope Raider?:

The only disadvantage I can think is the need of a sidechain and different wallet to be used in the game. It is for the sake of smooth gameplay, I get it. But it is another complicated step for the mass of people that may want to get on-chain, but just don’t understands it. It is another complication on the road to the Blockchain gaming of tomorrow, and I bet that the masses, will never understand how to walk through it. What every Solidity and Dapp developer should do, is to try and simplify the process for ordinary people.

Dope Raider - When you thought youve seen everything

Final Words:

I really liked the game, the gameplay is entertaining, because who don’t like making money. And there are many players that trade and compete with you at the same time.

As I said before, the only disadvantage is the additional step to get on the sidechain. But if you are all-in Crypto-Head like me. Well… Then you will have it done in less than 5 minutes and can start playing in the world of DopeRaider. See you in-game.

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