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Eobot – Mining since the Beggining of Times

Cloud Mining platform

Eobot is a cloud mining platform, that focuses on mining bitcoin and other crypto-currencies and also enables you to use the CPU or GPU of your PC/rig. Great solution which allows conversion between different crypto-currencies and offers instant payments/withdraws.

Eobot is older than Bitcoin itself…. wait. Seriously, I was using Eobot since the begining of times and I am still mining there. The UI interface is nothing friendly but works. You can buy Cloud power using more than 50 currencies and withdraw whenever you want. Then you select currency you want to mine OR you mine the cloud power. Yes, you heard right, you can actually mine more mining power which then… mines more.

I actually forgot I am mining dogecoins and when I discovered I have 47,000 dogecoins I checked the price and woala! 150 USD profit, all planned.

If you want to get into crypto mining there is not a better way (maybe this is actually the only way) than Eobot. Bitcoin mining in 2018 lul.

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