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ETH.TOWN – Empty Promises

Marketing Baby

Everybody that is in the crypto Dapp world for more than 1 month knows what ETH.TOWN is. The people that sold 1 room in an imaginary hotel for 100 ETH.

80% Design & Marketing

20% Gameplay

Fact is that 5,800 ETH is rolling from their own wallets to keep the “activity” on Dapp radar on the top and also to make some laundry. We are ok with that, you can do whatever you want with your money. The game itself is not that bad, but disappointing for sure.

After 2 months or so… they launched a browser game, where you basically duel a random player, with a rock-paper-scissors “engine”. That’s what I call fun…

Building on the hype they are trying to sell you to their other games like Moon Inc, or some penguins or some shit. For the budget that they got from investors they could develop a new FPS shooter but nope, we got an idle.

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