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Gods Unchained – The Ethereum Hearthstone

Huge Potential – Big Risks

Gods Unchained - The Blockchain Hearthstone

About Gods Unchained:

Beautiful designs, awesome promise of gameplay and huge potential for ordinary player-base. Gods Unchained, the Ethereum Hearthstone, if it gets real, it will be big!

Why Ethereum Hearthstone? Because the game will be really close to the Hearthstone idea, which is a 1v1 card game, where every card you play, have its own attack and defense points, together with some special powers. You build your deck from cards that you can get from a Pre-Sale. Also you can get them from the game shop, or from the Player Marketplace, where you can buy and sell every card from every season.

Gods Unchained - The Revolution of cryptogaming

Finally the devs focused on gameplay and the user-base, rather than the usual money-drain. They have many tournaments prepared with really big prize pots, and even without them you have a great gameplay promised.

And they even state that they partnered with some huge cryptocoins-oriented websites. And that they are backed by some Big Players in the cryptocurrency universe. Such as Coinbase, Sora Ventures among many others.

However…everything has its downsides:

Don’t know if you remember the CryptoZombies Battleground game review, but the same problems it had, Gods Unchained might have.

First of all, the copyright, it may be great that Hearthstone will be finally on the blockchain, but it still doesn’t mean Blizzard will like it. Gods Unchained  is a really accurate copy of Hearthstone’s UI, with slightly different designs, which means they can be issued for stealing Blizzard’s intelectual property and that will be the game’s end.

And as every Ethereum game, the biggest Advantage, is also its biggest Disadvantage. Which is that the game runs on the blockchain, decentralized, in relative anonymity. This is on one side really great step forward in the game industry. But also brings the risks of being just another huge money theft.

Gods Unchained - The Ethereum Hearthstone?

So, is this the playable Ethereum game we were waiting for? Are the risks greater than the reward?

We can’t know yet, but if it fulfills half of what it promised, and it really becomes Ethereum Hearthstone, we can await great change in the blockchain gaming industry. Finally you will play it just because you like to play it, not only because you drown your money in it. It has it’s downsides, I agree, but the hope in it wins, at least for myself.

So the real question is, will we accept the risks for sake of getting the game we awaited? What do you thing?

What do you think?

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